(English) 2014 analog forestry demonstration site micro-loans now available!

(English) 2014 analog forestry demonstration site micro-loans now available!

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  1. Kaganga John

    In Uganda,am implementing a project known as Half +Half 1000 Acre Community Forest Project funded by Kings School through BothEnds similar to Anolog Forestry is a social innovation based on small holder farmers initiatives to conserve and restore small forest patches ranging from ½ acre to 5 acres per household/farmer or leaving a piece of land to regenerate naturally into a forest by its own, it is anticipated that through campaigns and sensitization, these small forest patches or piece of land left to regenerate into forests can make 1000 acres of forest or more conserved in a given location. This is not something government or any other agency can achieve even with law enforcement or other measures, and is driven by the fact that it is no longer feasible to conserve large tracts of forest only in the face of the rapidly growing human population and competing economic priorities especially in Africa where land is becoming so scarce. This initiative lead to sustainable agriculture and food security, reduced soil erosion, stable rainfall pattern, stable income and alternative use of forest and Climate change adaptation and mitigation if replicated scaled up and out in different communities in Uganda ,Africa and other developing countries where smallholder farming is still dominant.

    I have started to build capacity in my community on Anolog Forest and have started Anolog Forest adjacent to Half+Half 1000 Project,Am going to apply the micro loan to boost my Anolog Forest started.

    1. Adam Kabir Dickinson

      Dear Mr. John,

      Thank you kindly for your note. It sounds like you’re doing great work in Uganda and we’d love to learn more. If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to e-mail the secretariat at

      Kind regards,


    Dear Mr.Edwardo,
    Thank you for your E-Mail inviting Applications from the Network Partners for the Micro Loan Assistance for Analog Forestry Demo.Project.We have applied for the same Project but our Application was rejected last year.IDP’s Environment Promotion work has been highly impressed bu the Government of Odisha and the Department of Forest & Environment,Government of Odisha has Awarded IDP as PRAKRUTI MITRA for the year 2014 who scan copies will be forwarded to IAFN Secretariat as soon as I return back to my Office(within a week)Ie 2014 IAFN Micro Loan Assistance is extended to India or Except India.Kindly communicate us so that we can submit our Application.
    Thanking you & with kind regards.
    Yours Sincerely,

    India Development Project

  3. Adam Kabir Dickinson

    Dear Mr. Ojha,

    Thank you for your kind messages. Indian organizations are more than welcome to respond; we welcome your re-application to the IAFN microloans program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IAFN Secretariat at

  4. Mr Tanda Godwin

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing to express my great thanks for the IAFN towards the call for the AF demonstration site loans. I am really interested to make an application. This is because I have participated in training organized by the IAFN in Kumbo Cameroon. The AF is a rising and valuable concept that can greatly curb poverty at the same time ensuring sustainable development.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to download the guidelines for application as well as the micro loan application forms. Please could you send them to me or the appropriate links to download them.

    Regards and looking forward to hear from you.
    Tanda Godwin
    EPDA Cameroon

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