New documentary about land restoration!

New documentary about land restoration!

The Ballarat Region Treegrowers (BRT) is turning to the medium of film to promote new visions for Australia’s rural landscapes through reforestation for land restoration.

BRT is making a substantial film to advance the idea of integrating environmental tree plantings and commercial production to produce biologically rich plantations that repair the land, create wildlife habitat and also provide an income for their owners, such as through wood production.

The film will examine several major revegetation projects in southern Australia to show how they are being made successful by concerned communities of landowners and supporters.  Also, it will show how community activism in Sri Lanka modified traditional village gardens to create Analog Forests.

BRT considers that the ‘Analog Forest’ concept overlaps with ‘Biorich Plantations’ it promoted through the book Recreating the Country and the website  So, it wants to show the link to Sri Lanka and how Analog Forestry has been successful there.


BRT is working with She Oaks Films, which has been making films about people, place, memory and identity since 2009.  She Oaks Films made a promotional video about BRT’s film as part of the group’s fund raising efforts.  You can view the video at the bottom of this post.

BRT is seeking further funds to make the film longer and increase its quality.  If you think you can help, look at the video and contact Ian Penna, Secretary, Ballarat Region Treegrowers by email at

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  1. Barbara


    Quisiera saber si existe alguna información relacionada a la restauración de paisaje y bosque nativo en zonas de erupciones volcánicas.
    Somos una comunidad que vive en las cercanías del volcán Calbuco en el sur de Chile y queremos cooperar en la restauración de la vida y el paisaje.

    Muchas gracias

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