AF Training

Contact IAFN’s Training Centers in Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Ecuador for information on activities and trainings being held on AF and other regenerative practices and actions.

(Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action)

Learn about IAFN’s ‘Empowering Women Through Analogue Forestry Project’ with GAGGA and our ongoing trainings and plant kit programs during Covid-19.

Forest Garden Products

The Forest Garden Products (FGP) label gives added value to products grown in analog forest systems.

You can download the flyer HERE



Farms in Sarapiquí, Costa Rica will showcase the application of Analog Forestry

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Can deforestation lead to more infectious diseases ?

Forests are massive reservoirs of biomass and biodiversity they are also diverse and long lived. Virus’ are unique in the fact that they are found in all representations of living biomass; short lived, long lived, macro or micro. As we reduce the diversity and volume of living biomass through forest loss and human biomass becomes the major pool of long lived biomass, the huge diversity of virus’ losing their hosts will have to mutate to use any replacement biomass if they are not to go extinct. While forest conservation is essential, forest restoration must address both diversity and longevity to maintain its buffering capacity. Learn more