The restoration of the life support systems of the planet through improved economic opportunities for rural populations.


Promote the application and appreciation of the techniques of analog forestry as a critical component of a new rural development paradigm.

The planet’s life support systems are threatened by deforestation, monoculture plantations, landgrabs, and the degradation of forest ecosystems, all of which can be seen as opportunities for restoration.

We work to restore the productivity of degraded lands and provide new sources of income and food for local populations. We collaborate with small farmers and indigenous communities in developing countries to maintain and restore their forests and improve their income and subsistence.

What do we do?

The activities of the Network consist of four main programs.

Capacity building: through our network of trainers, we cooperate with local farmers’ groups, agricultural and forestry technicians, and political decision-makers. Our trainings are based on the theory and practice of analog forestry for sustainable community development.

Demonstration sites: these act as the seeds of restoration, as they give an example of analog forestry in a local context.

Certification: we work with the production standard for Forest Garden Products, which allows sustainable forest products to reach a value=added market. We also work with local networks devoted to participatory guarantee systems.

Knowledge management: the experiences of our network partners is a valuable resource, and one of the roles IAFN plays is to share these experiences, lessons learned, and research from around the world.

Who do we work with?

We work with a network of partners from around the world.
IAFN partners include NGOs, private enterprises, government entities, farmers and farmer groups, researchers and academic institutions. The network is enriched with the experience that all of these groups bring to the table, which contribute to the analog forestry global community of practice.

How can I join?

To join IAFN, or to learn more about us, please contact the IAFN Secretariat by e-mail at, or by phone at +(506) 84 88 52 60.