PROBIOMA promotes analog forestry in Bolivia

PROBIOMA promotes analog forestry in Bolivia

Analog forestry has an important history in Bolivia, and a new chapter was started with a workshop in March 2014. The first analog forestry workshop with PROBIOMA and its counterparts was carried out from March 10th to 17th in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

This workshop was the fruit of a coordination process between the various groups involved: PROBIOMA, analog forestry trainers, and Both Ends, with the aim of providing a catalyst for analog forestry in Bolivia, through the strengthening of the technical capacity of extension workers, producers, partners in PROBIOMA’s work, and government staff.

As part of the instruction process, three multidisciplinary groups were formed, and each one was assigned one of the areas where practical exercises were carried out.

Each one of the groups applied the knowledge and techniques that they learned, and through this practical exercise, they obtained designs for parcels that corresponded to the different pre-established objectives – all while demonstrating the use of analog forestry principles.

All the designs were presented and analyzed together, showing that the course participants has understood and applied the concepts that were shared in the workshop. The participants saw that the tools used are practical and simple to use. PROBIOMA has been given these designs and has committed to implement them in the short term.

There is a great potential for the development of analog forestry at the local and regional level. Especially heartening was the participation of local land and forest management authorities, and the interest of their representatives to adopt analog forestry at a landscape-level action strategy.

PROBIOMA demonstrated their effectiveness in organizing the logistics and expert coordination with their local counterparts during the training program. Through the implementation of an analog forestry program, they will be able to strengthen their already solid contacts.

Click here to see an image gallery from the event.

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