Analog Forestry Online Training Course

Analog Forestry Online Training Course

At the IAFN Secretariat, we receive many requests for training from organizations and individuals around the world who would like to become more familiar with the analog forestry methodology. However, limited financial resources and other logistical factors mean that we can’t accommodate all of the requests that we receive. In order to facilitate open access to this information, we have decided to publish our first online course in analog forestry.

The digital training course was built through the efforts of professionals at the Centre for Tropical Agronomy Research and Training (CATIE) and the Iberoamerican Model Forest Network, along with IAFN.  The training package has, until now, been available solely on a DVD; the creation of this online portal marks the beginning in what IAFN hopes to be a series of online course offerings.

To sign up for the course, simply go to and click on the link for the application form to receive a password to the course free of charge. You will be asked for your name and e-mail address, once those are received you will receive a password to the online training course.

As this is the first time this course is being offered online, we are very interested in your feedback. If you sign up for the course and have any questions, comments or concerns about the course content or navigation, please contact Adam Kabir Dickinson, Knowledge Management Officer at

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