Support biodiversity recovery and a transition to productive ecosystems

Large areas of formerly farmed or forested lands around the world are heavily degraded due to large scale intensive agriculture, mining, logging and urbanization. Farmers are losing their fertile soil and face poverty due to diminishing yields, loss of clean water and buffers against climate impacts.

There is a need to restore degraded lands and increase biodiversity through a combination of agriculture and forestry that focuses on biodiversity.

Analog Forestry (AF) is an approach to ecological restoration which uses natural forests as guides to create ecologically stable and socio-economically productive landscapes. AF minimizes external inputs, such as agrochemicals and fossil fuels, instead fostering ecological function for resilience and productivity
foto-left The International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN) promotes knowledge sharing regarding regenerative approaches to forest restoration through its Secretariat ffice based in Costa Rica, 4 regional training centres in Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Costa Rica and Bolivia and members in 20 countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada and the U.S.

What we do?

foto-right Capacity building and training:through our network of trainers (42 certified AF Trainers), we organize workshops with local farmers, university students, agricultural/forestry technicians and decision-makers. Demonstration sites: act as the seeds of restoration, as they give an example of analog forestry in a local context. Certification: IAFN´s production standard for Forest Garden Products (FGP) is the only standard developed in the regional South allowing sustainable forest products to reach a value-added market. We also work with local networks devoted to participatory guarantee systems.


THIS CAN BE A ONE TIME OR A MONTHLY DONATION. The IAFN is a non profit 501 C3 tax exemp organization. Donations from the US are tax-deductible. $50 HELPS US FUND – Children´s and youth forest stewardship in urban and rural communities in Cameroon, Honduras and Costa Rica. $90 HELPS US FUND – One of our four training centers to provide scholarships to local farmers or students to attend a training workshop (Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Bolivia, Costa Rica) A native tree nursery at one of our AF centers or partner’s projects