Happy Holidays from IAFN Co-Chairs

Happy Holidays from IAFN Co-Chairs

Hello and happy holidays to all of our partners and friends!

2013 has brought some exciting changes to IAFN. We have hired a new Executive Director, Training Coordinator and Administrative Officer to complement our Program Director and Knowledge Management Officer. This team is poised to bring some wonderful and welcome changes to the Network.

We have made great progress in the last year, with four new analog forestry demonstration sites underway in Peru, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Cameroon funded by our small grants program.  We have three new training centres in Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and Cameroon funded by our capacity building program.

Each of these projects promises to enhance our ability to show the world how the analog forestry technique can add to the beauty, biodiversity and economic efficacy of degraded landscapes in myriad climates.

In addition to the training centres and demonstration sites described above, this year we have held analog forestry workshops in Cameroon, Mexico, Peru, Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. All of these experiences have been well-documented and shared on our newly-upgraded website.

We look forward to sharing stories about these and many more ongoing projects, as well as exciting new things to come in the next year. If you are able, we and our partners would be happy to host you at any of our demonstration sites and invite you to take part in our trainings.

May the coming year be prosperous and abundant for you all, may many trees be planted to create analog forests, and may much laughter ring out as your important work to restore the life support systems of our planet takes form!


Grover Stock        Milo Bekins-Faries

IAFN Co-Chairs


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