IAFN is hiring a Social Business Developer!

IAFN is hiring a Social Business Developer!

Are you an exceptional fundraiser with a business background and seeking to be a match-maker for green ventures?

Do you have the strategic outlook to bring new funding opportunities from the corporate sector to support NGOs and farmers in the restoration of the planet´s life support system?

A unique opportunity has arisen for an enterprising professional to play a crucial role in a global organization.

IAFN is looking for a dynamic professional to give shape to a new program that seeks to support local CSO´s efforts and community work by creating links with the national and international private sector. The Social Business Developer (SBD) will be part of the secretariat team and work to secure new funding opportunities for the Secretariat’s current programs, mostly strategically finding opportunities supported from the corporate sector and medium and small enterprises. Ideally, the SBD will help develop market opportunities that can create return-on-investments for private donors as he/she creates income opportunities for the secretariat programs, its partners and the Rich Forests initiative.

The SBD will help IAFN develop partnerships with the private sector, social investors and social enterprises for its partners’ restoration programs; a crucial component of these ventures would involve the development of Forest Garden Products as an alternative for local and export markets. This requires mapping out products available, potential markets, interested parties, developing business cases and promoting the initiative amongst a wide number of stakeholders.

If you think you are the right person for this job, you can download the terms of reference for the position below. For any questions, please e-mail

IAFN Social Business Developer

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  1. Jorge salazar

    Muy buenas me gustaría saber si tienen ayuda para una familia emprendedora con un proyecto de cacao para extender su cultivo y ayudar a la comunidad con más fuentes de empleo

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