Knowledge Management

IAFN is a truly vast organization, with partners from Cameroon to Canada, Costa Rica to Cuba. With more than twenty partners on six continents, facilitating communication is no small task. Our knowledge management program seeks to record, publish, share and promote the experiences of our partners.

We aim to use this information to help our partners and any other interested parties to engage in ecological restoration using analog forestry. Through the publication of training manuals and other capacity building resources, our educational resources are available to the widest possible audience. Based on our partners’ experiences, we collect data on the use of various plant species in analog forestry, which will soon be available as a publicly-available database that can be used by anyone planning an agroecology project.

Through regular communication with our partners, we are updated about their current projects and the progress of analog forestry sites in their area. By sharing these updates through our network and with the public, we have created a repository of information on the current state of analog forestry around the world, which is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to implement this type of ecological restoration.

In addition to sharing experiences, we seek to build up the body of research around the topic of analog forestry. Ecological restoration in general is a very new field, and practices that mix restoration with agroecological production are rarely discussed or well understood by the current scientific discourse. Through working with researchers around the world, we seek to increase the understanding of analog forestry.