Below is a selection of some of the key publications by IAFN and the analog forestry community. The full IAFN virtual library is currently under construction. In order to maintain access to our material during this time, we have created a public Dropbox folder where you can access more material relating to analog forestry, IAFN, and our partners. Click here to access the full document library, or on the icon below:


Analog Forestry Book

Forest Gardens - Senanayake & Beeler

Forest Gardens and Sustainable Communities

Analog Forestry Manuals

Field Guide

Field Guide to Analog Forestry

Practitioner's Guide

A Practitioner’s Guide to Analog Forestry

Forest Garden Products

FGP Standards 2014

Forest Garden Product Standard


Risk Management and Analog Forestry - Becker and Goldman

Analog Forestry and Risk Management

Analog Forestry: Creating Productive Landscapes - Dickinson

Analog Forestry: Towards Productive Landscapes

Citation information: Dickinson, AK. 2014. Analog Forestry: Creating Productive Landscapes. European Tropical Forest Research Network 56, pp. 103-110.

Understanding Tropical Soils - Dombro

Understanding Tropical Soils – Part 1
Understanding Tropical Soils 2
Understanding Tropical Soils – Part 3

Analogue Forestry: A Sustainable Design System - Dufty

Analogue Forestry as a Sustainable Design System – Dufty

Temperate Zone Application of Analog Forestry - Hill

Temperate Zone Application of Analog Forestry

Conceptualizing a Forest - IAFN

Conceptualizing a Forest

Analog forestry as a conservation and development approach - Jones

Analog Forestry as a conservation and development approach

Bioremediation of Nitrates in Groundwater - Melvani and Pathmarajah

Bioremediation of Nitrates – Melvani and Patmarajah

Citation: Melvani, K., and S. Patmarajah. 2012. Bioremediation of Nitrates in groundwater. Neo-Synthesis Research Centre.

Another Response to Global Warming - Senanayake

Another Response to Global Warming

Analog Forestry as an Art Form - Senanayake

Analog Forestry as an Art Form

Towards a Commonsense Understanding of Carbon - Senanayake

A commonsense understanding of carbon

Valuing Photosynthetic Biomass - Senanayake

Valuing Photosynthetic Biomass – Senanayake

Forest Gardens - Senanayake and Beehler

Forest Gardens and Sustainable Communities

Research Publications

Analog forestry and community nutrition - Jana Brauer

Analog Forestry and nutrition in Costa Rica – Jana Brauer thesis

Systematization of Analog Forestry - CATIE/RIABM

Systematization of Analog Forestry

Innovative Environments - Cheryl Ripley

Innovative Environments – Cheryl Ripley

Citation: Citation: Ripley, Cheryl. 2011. Innovative Environments: The Interplay of People, Politics, Resource Management, and Restoration. Master’s thesis, Keele University.